The Weary Wayfarer

Bunyan meets Beowulf in this epic-poetry restyling of The Pilgrim’s Progress! Follow Christian on his journey from City Destruction to the Wicket-gate. Relax with him at House Beautiful; feel his awe as he meets the Shining Ones and gazes upon the Delectable Mountains. Brace yourself as he battles to disburden the bale off his back. Sympathize with him as he slumbers at the arbor and loses his scroll; mourn for him as he is mired in the marshes of the Slough of Despond.

Hold your breath as Christian clashes swords with Apollyon, and broods behind bars in the bastille of Giant Despair. Meander the menacing mountain paths, and veer through the streets of Vanity Fair as Christian sojourns upon his lonely-but-heroic quest towards eternal life. Is Bunyan on your biblio-bucket list, but you have been too befuddled to begin? Tackle ten stanzas a day and you will have this monograph mastered in a matter of months! Never has The Pilgrim’s Progress been so easy to read or to comprehend! The Weary-Wayfarer captures the beauty beneath the battle and the valor beyond the veil by baptizing the dusty dialogue of the original Bunyan text beneath waves of poetic imagery, romanticism, and heroic achievement. Yet, unlike many of its previous editions and predecessors, The Weary Wayfarer re-organizes Bunyan’s entire text into short, easy-to-read, rhyming quatrains. Bunyan’s beautiful belles-lettres is now broken down into bite-size balladry—transforming Christian’s saga into song. The Weary-Wayfarer hopes to bring The Pilgrim’s Progress into yet another century of readership without compromising its content, conviction, or creed. Where many modern editions substitute Bunyan’s English with contemporary language or edit out large portions of the dialogue, The Weary-Wayfarer honors Bunyan’s voice, choosing instead to rearrange the format of his manuscript, rather than sacrificing the content of his story. Sluff the heavy burden of 17th-century prose off your back and replace it with the light reading found within the pages of The Weary-Wayfarer! Cast off your Cliff’s Notes, and parry the pietistic perceptions of your peers with head held high. Never again break a sweat when your pastor’s sermon is saturated with Pilgrim’s Progress metaphors and analogies. Bunyan is no longer above your head, but just within your reach!

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