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My name is Vicki Joy Anderson. I felt the call to be a writer when I was 10 years old. Whether I am writing poetry, young adult fiction, editorial pieces, devotionals, or apologetics, my aim is to glorify the name of Yahweh in all of my writing endeavors.

My two greatest passions are Yeshua my Savior and writing for His glory. My mission statement that undergirds everything I write is to always do my BEST:

B ring glory to Yahweh by

E xposing Satan, while

S etting captives free

T il Yeshua returns!


Amazon Reviews

This compilation of beautiful Psalms has enriched my time with God. Great resource as these poems have added a new dimension in voicing emotion and heartfelt depth to praying. For weary warriors and joy filled celebrants alike

I am a 70 year old woman. Thought this book might be written for teenagers, and I have 3 teenage granddaughters. However I was quickly pulled into the deftly worded storytelling. Was HOOKED. 'tisn't just for teenagers. FUN book.

Wow! I was blown away the first time I read this book and Blessed each time after! Praise The LORD for someone willing to stand up and tell Truth, in Love! 

Anne A.
Harps Unhung

Linda C.

Scavenger Hunt

David A.

The Emperor's
New Gender


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Real Dark News

Regular Contributor


Wisconsin Christian News


Monthly Column


L.A. Marzulli's
PP&S Report

Monthly Column


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