Scavenger Hunt

Anne of Green Gables meets Marty McFly in this time-traveling adventure! Fourteen-year-old Sadie doesn’t believe there’s a God. Why should she? Her best friend moved away. She always clams up in front of Caleb, the cutest guy in school. And the Whine Trine—a clique of three pretty, popular girls, all hate her. How could it get any worse? How about being forced to go on a youth group trip…with all of them? Sadie, full of angst, winds up on a five-hour bus ride to Hoosick Falls, NY, where she gets stuck on a team with the Whine Trine, hunting through the woods for silly scavenger hunt items all weekend. Sadie wanders away from the group and finds an abandoned log cabin, deep in the woods, where the first item on her list—a drawer knob—turns into a key that unlocks a secret passageway behind a painting on the wall.

But this secret passageway is no mere tunnel—it is a wormhole that stretches through time!When the portal closes behind her, Sadie finds herself trapped in 1876 Hoosick Falls. In desperation, she cries out to the God who she has turned her back on and is soon reunited with Caleb, who came in through the time portal to rescue her. Together, they discover that when various items on each of their scavenger hunt lists are paired together, the time portal re-opens, randomly shipping them off to a new place and time. During their travels, Sadie inhabits the bodies of Jerusha Edwards, Fanny Crosby, Harriet Tubman, Phyllis Wheatley, Elizabeth Tilly, and Maria Mitchell. Living out the day-to-day lives of these girls as teenagers, Sadie realizes that when ordinary girls put their faith in an extraordinary God, they can transform their trials into testimonies that change the world. But Sadie and Caleb lose their scavenger hunt lists along the way. Will they remember all the items on their lists? Will they keep jumping from time to time forever? Will they ever find their way back home?

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