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Wisconsin Christian News Event Photos

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Thanks to all who attended, the very lightly-attended, (thanks COV19!) event! It was a wonderful time of fellowship, teaching, and worship. Layton Howerton and the MPK Celtic Band both performed and both were amazing. The event was not live streamed, but I believe you can view portions of the event on the Wisconsin Christian News Facebook page.

My Book Table

One of several elegant homemade designer cookies baked for the WCN speakers by Linda P. --a Dry Bones viewer

Me sitting at my book table

The WCN events speakers and musicians

Ian "Duck" F., David Arthur, and me

Lexie Hall of "Created Equal" giving her message

The MPK Celtic Band rockin' it Scottish-style -- Awesome!

Layton Howerton, with WCN frontman Rob Pue, and Coach Dave and his wife, Michelle.

David Arthur, with Layton Howerton talking to me and my dad

My partner in crime--David Arthur

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