Harps Unhung contains all 150 of the biblical Psalms, rewritten using 150 different styles of poetry.

This poetry project was the vision of Vicki Joy's mom, Eileen, who had 75 of the poems composed at the time of her death in 2013.Vicki Joy wrote the remaining 75 poems, posthumously publishing the work the year after Eileen's passing.

Our seasons of captivity are not times time to hang up our harps--but a time to cry aloud to Yahweh in worship and preach to our own weary souls.

The book also contains an index outlining all 150 styles of poetry, making the book an excellent resource for would-be poets or home school writing courses.


Bunyan meets Beowulf in this "rewrite" of A Pilgrim's Progress!


The Weary-Wayfarer captures the beauty beneath the battle and the valor beyond the veil by baptizing the dusty dialogue of the original Bunyan text beneath waves of poetic imagery, romanticism, and heroic achievement. Yet, unlike many of its previous editions and predecessors, The Weary Wayfarer re-organizes Bunyan’s entire text into short, easy-to-read, rhyming quatrains. Bunyan’s beautiful belles-lettres is broken down into bite-size balladry—transforming Christian’s saga into song.

The Weary-Wayfarer hopes to bring A Pilgrim’s Progress into yet another century of readership without compromising its content, conviction, or creed.




“The Emperor's New Gender” is a short, 50-page booklet that reimagines Hans Christian Anderson's famous children's tale, "The Emperor's New Clothes," with a postmodern twist! Anderson's tale, originally penned in 1837, still has much to teach us today concerning the woes of what is referred to in social psychology circles as pluralistic ignorance—the idea that a person who privately rejects a norm will still go along with it if they believe that everyone else believes it. In our story, our 21st-century, gender dysphoric Emperor is positioned on a modern stage afront the backdrop of a present-day, PC-movement that is attempting to cow people out of their constitutional rights by rebranding religious freedom, moral convictions, and the preaching of the Gospel as “crimes” and "hate speech."


The Emperor's New Gender Expanded Edition contains all of the original content from The Emperor's New Gender with five additional chapters.

While the book specifically cites a gender-dysphoric emperor, the aim of the book is not to attack individuals in the LGBTQ movement, but rather to highlight the overly-contrived transgender

agenda being propagated upon the American people by those with little to no interest whatsoever in LGBTQ rights or the issues and challenges faced by the people involved in its movement.

This book is a call to the Church to "depart from Babylon" and to proclaim with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, "We will not bow!"


This book will guide you through one month of transforming prayer—but it may surprise you who this book is designed to transform. Changing the hearts of others will require a willingness to have your own heart penetrated. Ezekiel 11:19 says that Yahweh can take our hearts of stone and give us hearts of flesh. But can we expect Yahweh to perform radical heart surgery on others when we have refused to allow Him to first test His sovereign scalpel on us?Prayer is not a statistical crapshoot where we blindly beg Yahweh to intervene—throwing requests at Him like He is nothing more than a Velcro dartboard, hoping our petitions will stick. Prayer is the result of daily intimacy with Christ. The prayers of a righteous person availeth much—because the hearts of the righteous are in tune with Christ’s heart, and Yahweh DELIGHTS to answer the prayers of those who love and delight in Him.


Anne of Green Gables meets Marty McFly in this time traveling adventure! Fourteen-year-old Sadie doesn’t believe there’s a God. Why should she? Her best friend moved away. She always clams up in front of Caleb, the cutest guy in school. And the Whine Trine—a clique of three pretty, popular girls, all hate her. How could it get any worse?

Life gets complicated when Sadie wanders away from her group during a youth group scavenger hunt--only to find herself back in time--alone!

Caleb finds her and, together, using their scavenger hunt lists, they must put together the clues to find their way home.

Sadie encounters many godly teenage girls on her journey, and discovers that God can turn the most mundane life into greatness.